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5 Simple Tips for Making E-commerce Websites Look More Attractive

Everyone needs changes made in their lives. So do older e-commerce websites. A little sprucing up can make such a huge difference that people may think you have launched a new site

5 tips to use to spruce up old e-commerce platforms

Using Google WebFonts

Instead of using the standard web fonts, Google offers unique fonts you can use to make your site look attractive. They are used by everyone including the best free e-commerce website builders. All you have to do is go through a 3-step sign-in procedure, and you will be ready to access the fonts and use them for your site.

Using White Space

No matter how young or IT-experienced you are, every business owner has to consider their target audience before making a decision. Using white space is one of those factors you should consider when revamping your site. This is because you do not know how web-savvy your target audience is. Therefore, to be on the safe side, do not cramp the spaces on your e-pages.

Using repeating patterns & textures

Many e-commerce websites designed today can get away with basic color schemes. However, to stand out from other e-commerce solutions providers, consider integrating repeating patterns and textures in your background. Free apps like Noise Texture Generator can help create an attractive tiled background that will be dynamic with your site. Alternatively, you can search for other patterns and textures that appeal to you and use on the site.

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Using extravagant and unique background images

Countless e-commerce website templates allow for users to integrate background images. Provided you use high-resolution images, this technique could improve your site layout. Large backgrounds are perfect for captivating the attention of your site visitors while implying your different site genres.

Using customized menu icons

While using standards menu icons is fine, you want to stand out from your competitors. Customizing your menu icons will not only help you to do just that but also improve your site’s layout. It will impress your audience while drawing them to experience more of your site. In no time, you have them hooked and purchasing your products.

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Consider looking at other creative and attractive e-commerce solution providers like Shopify to get ideas for your site. Note down what you have in mind regarding a vision for your site. Then build on those ideas through rejecting some and retaining or improving others. Your site will be completely new and beautiful in no time.