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5 Key Reasons To Choose WooCommerce For Your E-commerce Websites

When we talk about setting up cost-effective e-commerce websites, WooCommerce quickly springs to the mind. WooCommerce has rapidly grown over the years, and today, more than 24 million websites run on it. WooCommrce helps you set up an e-commerce website and sell anything online. If you’re looking to create an e-commerce website for your business, these are the reasons to contemplate WooCommerce:

– It’s great for building e-commerce websites because it’s open source and free

For physical store business owners looking to create an online extension of their small businesses, WooCommerce is the surefire option. It’s free to use, which means you don’t need a big budget to start selling products online. And this works best for first-time business owners who operate on slim budgets. It’s also open source, which means its open for WooCommerce developers to make modifications to the code to make it more robust. In other words, web development specialists are free to create and develop many plugins and extensions. That means its functionalities will continue to improve with changes in technology. The platform allows you to choose plugins based on the nature of your e-commerce business. If you feel that you need robust functionalities, you can find premium plugins on the platform for a small fee.

– It comes with a host of functionalities to implement on your e-commerce platforms

Most free e-commerce solutions providers come with a limited amount of functionalities. WooCommerce is different. It comes with a wide range of functionalities that are required for the efficient functioning of any e-commerce website, which makes it the most sought-after platform to build e-commerce websites. Some of the functionalities that come with WooCommerce include multiple payment options, greater control over checkout processes, robust shopping cart software, built-in geolocation to aid shipping, numerous currency options and more. These functionalities help you offer flawless customer experience, which is needed most for an e-commerce website to succeed quickly.

– It doesn’t restrict you to just building e-commerce platforms

Some free e-commerce website builders only allow you to build your e-commerce website on their platform. You have to outsource other services such as payment systems, shopping cart, blog and more. WooCommerce comes with all these features to make your blog run smoothly. It also comes with business and analytics tools to let you access your daily sales information, inventory, buyer statistics and much more. If you don’t want to do it yourself, hire a web development company that is conversant with WooCommerce to do it for you.

– A plethora of extensions for your e-commerce platforms

Extensions like plugins are what make any e-commerce website robust. Happily, WooCommerce comes with a plethora of plugins (about 46,000), both free and paid. WooCommerce not only offers the extensions but also help you to integrate them into your e-commerce store. Plugins offer your e-commerce website robust capabilities for accounting, reporting, marketing, payment gateway and more.


With all these benefits, there is no reason not to choose WooComerce to create your e-commerce platforms, especially if you’re just starting out. You can create your e-commerce store today with WooCommerce and start selling immediately. That makes it a good choice if time is of the essence to you.